General Gun smithing Prices

Hourly Labor Rate $65

Hourly Machine Rate—-$80
Minimum Charge——–$45
Function and Safety Check (No Test Fire)—$60
Function and Safety Check (Test Fire)——-$80+Cost of Ammunition
Check Headspace——-$50
Complete Clean and Lubricate-Full Disassembly and Cleaning–$70
Remove Stuck Case—————————$40
Remove Live Round—————————$120
Install and Boresight Scope—————— $70
Install and Zero Scope (Test Fire)————$80+Cost of Ammunition
Zero Iron Sights (Test Fire)——————-$60+ Cost of Ammunition
Rock your GLOCKSMITHING- let us know what you want- work is quoted per individual request at shop rate +
We can improve on your Glock and make it battle ready just the way you want.

We are also proud to offer custom Cerakote finishing services. We can refinish an old well worn firearm and bring it back to life or we can do something completely custom. We can also match your favorite camo or hunting pattern. We can refinish firearms, optics, accessories, magazines, knives, or anything else you wish. For barrels, heat shields, and hand guards, we offer a special heat transfer coating, Transfer Grey C-187. We can also brush or polish your stainless steel parts.