Primal Defensive Strategies weapons

Our Praesidium M4 models come in  different configurations in a number of different calibers .223 Wylde, 5.56 Nato, 6.5 Grendel, .224 Valkyrie, 20 Nosler and .300 Black Out. These Rifles are extremely well built and we use only the highest quality of materials and parts. In high demand with a small wait time currently. Your choice of colored furniture is usually a option. Used for all applications like hunting , defense or competition shooting, or just for shooting targets, lightweight, match grade barrels in M4 Government profile or customers have the choice of customizing their weapon with other profiles or features, fees apply accordingly. Each and ever rifle is extensively tested, fired for functionality and accuracy and shot with a Suppressor to ensure all function if customer wants to use a Suppressor on his rifle.

Praesidium M4’s come in two different configurations and base price for .223 Wylde, etc Both models use Mlok Foreguards, a Vlok and a staggered milling, angled front- the latter has choices in either 15 inch or 17 inch guards. 15 inches in the Vlok is standard. Rifles come with 1 MLOK  picattiny rail attachment for lights, bipods, etc and 1 polymer magazine, PMAG, 2ND AMEN,TROY, HEX mags are the normal magazines we use. All rifles have the receivers engraving painted, choices are red or green, if not specified we will use red. Ambi selectors are used , receivers have 3 position selection marks.


Praesidium-15- VLOK   $1,375

Praesidium-15- Angled $1,575

Praesidium-15- Lower Receiver w/logo painted-include tension screw-bolt catch dog leg bolt catch screw-rear take down pin spring set screw- $ 150

Kinetic Research Group – we are dealers for KRG and have built some of the finest shooting long range and hunting rifles using these chassis. They are phenomenal and meet all of the stringent criteria we adhere to. High quality-lightweight-versatile-ergonomically superb- and they do what they advertise- We love these chasis and have made a handful of extremely accurate long range weapons that are very 226_extra_image_1affordable, Tikka T3 and other Tikka models are very popular with these chasiss, resulting in a high end accurate long range weapon, equipped with a top quality scope for about half of the price of a custom made rifle. Rock solid, weather resistant, lightweight all make these a perfect choice for a long range rifle build a person can carry in the field for hunting or long range sniping and not have to deal with a 15 to 18 lb. weapon.

Accurate Mags -makes magazines to fit a wide variety of rifle systems and are as every bit as good as a AI mag, come in more calibers, readily available and usually cost less, these are the only mags we use on all of our long range sniper rifles.

Primal Defensive Suppressors-order, we hope to have our next production run with in 2 months, group buys save you cash.

Elite Iron Suppressors (We currently run only Elite Iron Suppressors on almost everything, our #1 go to suppressor, quality, sound reduction and customer service are unequaled. For customers who purchase Suppressors with us can on occasion shoot their suppressor with us while waiting for the ATF transfer to go through, currently on average our transfers are about 5 months out. For serious inquires interested persons can shoot many demo models on our weapons at a local range. There is a nominal fee for ammunition , keep in mind we have to coordinate times to make it work for us as well.)

“Elite Iron has been a premier designer and manufacturer of professional grade firearms equipment and accessories for 15 years. We are especially well known for our professional grade sound suppressors that are designed to provide enhanced accuracy and superior sound reduction for calibers ranging from .17 HMR through .50 BMG, which includes all favorite hunting calibers and wildcat cartridges.

In addition, the Elite Iron patented REVOLUTION BIPOD has been acknowledged as a revolution itself by elite marksman, hunters, shooters, dealers and the media within the firearms industry.

Delta $740

The updated DELTA design reduces the weight and length of the suppressor. The redesigned blast section has removed the need for timing and has increased sound reduction. With the DELTA suppressor available in a variety of popular calibers, it is a favorite among varmint hunters. The DELTA is suitable for the popular 6.5 Creedmore, .243WIN, .22-250, .223/5.56, 6mm and 6.8. This suppressor is suitable for both bolt action and semi-auto rifles.

STFU $760

The STFU has been gaining popularity quickly. The redesigned blast area increases sound reduction allowing for a shorter suppressor that minimizes POI shift without the need for timing. Primarily designed for 6MM, 6.5, .308 and .30-06 calibers, it can also be used on .300WM rifles with a 24” barrel. It has similar sound suppression as the BRAVO but the STFU is shorter and lighter

The STFU has been gaining popularity quickly. The redesigned blast area increases sound reduction allowing for a shorter suppressor that minimizes POI shift without the need for timing. Primarily designed for 6MM, 6.5, .308 and .30-06 calibers, it can also be used on .300WM rifles with a 24” barrel. It has similar sound suppression as the BRAVO but the STFU is shorter and lighter.

Battledog $775

The BATTLEDOG was designed to supply the tactical world with a small effective .30 cal suppressor. There has been increased demand for more knockdown power in close quarter situations and the BATTLEDOG is an excellent choice. This suppressor also works excellent on the 7.62×39, 5.56×45 and .300 Blackout short barrel rifles and greatly reduces the breech blow back on these systems.

The BATTLEDOG uses a BRAVO 1 tactical brake.

Black Reign $840

The BLACK REIGN suppressor is made of 7075 high grade aluminum and machined to very tight tolerances. The Black Reign is designed for use with pistol cartridges only


EliteIron has been researching and developing alternatives to the traditional BIPOD for years and has patented their proprietary designs based upon deep experience of real world tactical demands. The efforts have resulted in the new REV↺LUTION™ BIPOD, the most revolutionary example of superior design, stability, and adaptability in the tactical world today.

With the REV↺LUTION™ BIPOD, a rifle can revolve 360° on the inner race inside the mount. So a stable shot can be taken at any degree of rotation while maintaining the two axis of motion control, side-to-side and up-and-down. That position can be held by locking it in place by tightening the torsion nut on the mount.

All BIPODS come with your choice of one mount. Custom mounts can be designed for you if a standard mount will not fit.

Talley Manufacturing –Don’t use cheap mounts on your gun.
After all, your shot is only as accurate as the link between scope and gun.
Talley Manufacturing offers the world’s finest optics mounting systems
Proudly made in the USA.Talley offers a 15% discount to active duty Military and Law Enforcement officers everyday! We’re blown away by your service. We’ll give you a discount to try ours. To qualify for a discount, simply email us from your military or law enforcement email address or send us a copy of a photo ID.

Timney Triggers – Founded in 1946, Timney Triggers has been the premier manufacturer of replacement triggers for over six decades. Timney is known for its quality precision machining, great customer service and superior workmanship that goes into every trigger made.

Weapons – Have most all Glocks on hand, others pistols/rifles can be ordered. Competitive pricing-FFL transfers-Silencers.